River Lodge

Sleep soundly and get the rest you deserve in one of our 10 luxurious river lodge rooms. All rooms come standard with:

  • En-suite rooms. (Either twin or double – specify in memo) – 01 to 10.
  • Bathroom – bath, twin basins, toilet and outside shower. Cemented floor.
  • Coffee/tea station.
  • No TV in unit.
  • Heater in unit.
  • Overhead fan in unit.
  • Hairdryer in unit.
  • There is a safe in the room.
  • Nature views.
  • Thatch roofs, canvass sides and wooden deck floors.
  • Paths to the units are steep. Please find out from client if they are able to walk it.
  • Request in Memo if they need to be put in units close to the central area.
  • In each room on the shelf under the hand washbasin are POOL TOWELS to be
    used at the pool. Please do not use the bathroom towels to wipe body after